April 25, 2011

Pawan Kalyan Dialogue in Gabbar Singh

Gabbar Singh Dialogues - Telugu cinema Power Star Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh movie dialogues are expected to director Harish Shankar is working neck and crop on dialogues to ensure that they are up to Pawan Kalyan's range. As Harish Shankar is busy penning powerful dialogues and scripting the story, we've managed to get one of the Pawan Kalyan's dialogues in Gabbar Singh movie. Take a look at this

. “Life lo Rendu Vishayallo Jagrattha ga undaali. Nathoo Maatladetappudu... Naatho Pootladetappudu

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Isn't that dialogue enough to show the brand power of Power Star Pawan Kalyan? Harish Shankar penned powerful dialogues for Ravi Teja in Mirapakaya and now he's on the anvil of getting out massy dialogues for Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh movie. Reports also say that Pawan Kalyan fan base was a wee bit disappointed that there were no massy dialogues in Teenmaar and so Harish Shankar and Pawan Kalyan are trying to work for getting powerful dialogues.


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