April 14, 2011

Teen maar review !!

Teen maar review !!

Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Trisha, Kriti Kharbanda, Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Paresh Rawal, Mukesh Rishi, Sonu Sood, Ali etc.
Cinematography : Jayanan Vincent
Music : Mani Sarma
Dialogues : TrivikramStory : Imtiaz Ali
Producer : Ganesh Babu
Banner : Parameswara Arts
Screenplay & Direction : Jayanth C Paranji
Release date : 14th April 2011

Survi Review: 6/10

Pawan Kalyan for the first time playing dual roles in Teenmaar and he will be romancing Trisha and Kriti Kharbanda in the film. Teenmaar is a classy romantic entertainer and is the remake of Bollywood film Love Aaj Kal.Teenmaar is hitting the screens with huge expectations and craze.Lets Check out The Review


Introduction of Arjun Palwai & Michael Velayudham. Michael works as chef in an Italian restaurant in Bangkok and aims to turn as a stock broker at New York stock exchange. In the meantime Michael falls in love with Meera (Trisha) and in no time they were seen in relationship. After a year, Michael who doesn’t believe in long relationships breaks up with Meera and celebrates the break-up party.
Senapathi, the restaurant owner narrates Michael, the life story of Arjun Palwai that took place 30 years back in Varanasi. Arjun Palwai is a student leader and he falls in love with Kritikharbandha. Arjun is serious about his love and wants to make it long lasting with marriage. He speaks to Kriti’s father regarding this for which the later disagrees. On the other hand, Michael and Meera who breaks up can’t get over each other though they find hard in finding their new one’s Johna and Sudhir (Sonu Sood).  Arjun’s love story influences Michael and he slowly changes his nature towards love and long standing relationship. He now tries to get back his love Meera. How does Michael and Arjun Palwai succeed in their love is to be watched on big screens?


Pavan Kalyan has accepted to play a double role and trust me he literally got into the skin of the characters that he played. It’s an established fact that Pavan is a good actor as he carries the most difficult parts with remarkable ease.Trisha sinks into the role beautifully.Chemistry with Pavan is electrifying. Kriti Kharbanda fits her role well . Paresh rawal and Mukesh Rishi were limited to their roles. Sonu Sood was apt.Jayanth has handled the subject well in the direction part. Parameswara Arts banner’s production values are rich and lavish.Cinematography by Vincent is on top-notch. Trivikram is the backbone of the film without him i cant expect this film with this storyline.It needs guts to remake such stories and the dialogues written become the best element. Like

Andham ga ledhu anni Ammma ni.. Kopam ga unadu anni Nannani Vadiyalemu Kadha
Amayi street Datuthane guarantee ledu.. adhi country datti pothe inkem guarantee untadi
“Dhevudu elantodante dippa meda okati echi edche lopu chetilo chocolate pedtadu

The major drawback of the film is the screenplay. If the proceedings were a bit racier then the movie would have done wonders.

1.Pavan Kalyan
2.Trivikram Dialogues
4.Vincent’s Cinematography
5. Choreography


1.Same As Love Aaj Kal (Except in Few Scenes)
2. Pre- Climax Episodes
3.Un-Necessary fights
4. Screenplay

Survi Verdict:

Teenmaar is on the whole a well-made and good-looking film, and will arguably rate a notch below Khushi in Pavan Kalyan’s career. It lives up to monstrous expectations, and is worth the crusade for tickets.

P.S: Devudu elantodante dippa meda okati echi edche lopu chetilo chocolate pedtadu…!! Aalne K.Puli Lanti Flop chusi Fans Baadha Pade lopu Pawan Theenmaar Ichadu.. !!


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