April 9, 2011

Thermaltake Spin Q : Cools your CPU using Air Circulating

Heat pipe base cooling system for CPU seems to be popular nowadays. Spin Q  from Thermaltake is one of the various cooler out there that you can choose as your CPU cooler for your desktop PC. With 80 mm diameter sleeve bearing type fan located at the center of the fin, it can achieve maximum speed up to 1600 RPM and can go to minimum speed at 1000 RPM with the Adjustable VR™ Fan Control Knob. The hot air from the heat pipe will be transferred to the aluminum fins and circulated around it, then the blower fan located at the center of the fin will blow up the hot air and replace it with cool air. The noise level generated by the fan is around 19 ~ 28 dBA with maximum air flow of 86.5 CFM and air pressure around 2.22 mmH2O. For the material, copper is used in the heatpipes & base while the fins is made from aluminum.


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